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 Twitter or Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites that are accepted by an unlimited number of people around the world. This is due to its ease of use, and its many free services, which are represented in both expressing views and opinions, posting them in the form of tweets for the person on his personal account, communicating via e-mails and conversations, the ability to publish video and recorded clips, and other electronic services, in addition to the ability Reaching anyone in the world subscribing to the site within a few seconds, which makes it a tool to shorten distances and eliminate geographical borders, so it is considered a positive platform for communication between people.

Twitter negatives:

Social impact Twitter affects individuals negatively, especially adolescents, as it causes them to pressure to do certain things or act in a certain way to adapt to their peers, and the teenager may be exposed to electronic bullying, which in turn may lead to tension, anxiety or depression, and it increases the social isolation of the individual due to Twitter replacing people with face-to-face conversation, in addition to the above, it makes individuals distracted all the time, and distracts them while driving, while chatting with others, or when doing other things, and studies have shown that long exposure to artificial light affects individuals' ability to get sleep Hani at night, and numerous studies indicate the negative influence of Twitter on interpersonal relationships.

Political and economic impact:

Where the use of Twitter significantly affects the advertising campaigns for the elections and the outcome of the vote, it has been found that the candidates who use Twitter during the election campaign get more votes than the candidates who did not use it regardless of whether they are suitable for that position or not, and many studies have proven that the news Affects stock prices, especially those that are transmitted through social media, and investors pay great attention to Twitter itself; Through it, a lot of information about the stock markets and the stock exchange is published, in addition to the presence of some famous personalities, who may publish a negative opinion about a particular company, which makes its shares decline, as the investment community is more sensitive to bad news than good news.

Influence on the press and the media:

Twitter influences journalists' judgment of news and press coverage decisions, as journalists who use Twitter frequently see regular tweets as news headlines, which makes Twitter a news factory for them, and nowadays social media is the primary source of news and other information, as well as immersion. In the world of social media, where the user lives in an isolated place full of wrong and harmful information, far from new information and people who contradict him with views.

Impact on privacy:

As the publication of individuals' personal information on social media makes them vulnerable to espionage, and their information may be used in criminal acts, and the use of Twitter by employees in their workplaces may expose their accounts to hacking or viruses, and cause a violation of their privacy, and may expose the sharing of their geographical location online User harassment, and may cause robbery and looting.

Twitter Benefits:

Social Media:

Twitter is one of the social networking sites that allow anyone to send a short message of 280 characters through a web browser, application, or phone, and through it, personal photos or news about various events are published, and this enables individuals to know what is happening. All over the world, on the other hand, Twitter gives the user the opportunity to express his feelings to the world, and to get to know the people who were interested in reading what he sent messages or tweets.

 The acquisition of knowledge:

Twitter offers useful content and many knowledge information, which is a result of the diversity of the site’s users, whether from friends, family, researchers, journalists, and others, and there is an entertainment aspect that reflects people's interests and promotes their own pages, with the aim of entertainment and avoiding boredom.

Business Management:

Twitter is a good way to offer followers updated information about the private business, and it also allows them to communicate with the owner of the activity and issue the necessary recommendations for him, as well as announcing any new offers or products that encourage followers to buy them in addition to achieving more sales accordingly. Therefore, for example, tourism companies can announce a promotional offer on Twitter, such as posting the message "Buy one ticket, get the second for free."


Where students and teachers can use Twitter in education, by sending tweets containing details related to homework, and including them in important sources or Internet pages that can be used to find a solution, with the specific date for the completion of the assignment mentioned, and Twitter enables to share these tweets with others, and repeat Directing and responding to it, in addition to that it is possible to access many links to creative teaching methods, which teachers publish from all over the world, and to use them as new means to enhance and develop the profession.