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The difference between random memory and reading memory

 Memory in computer devices is a piece located inside the computer, and it has the ability to store information, either temporarily or permanently, and among the types of memory are random access memory and reading-only memory.


 It is a piece located inside the computer; As the operating systems store their data in them, and the storage is done in a way that allows the CPU to access it quickly, when comparing the speed of the RAM to both the hard disk, and the storage medium in a steady state, in addition to the optical disk drive, the RAM overtakes them significantly In both read and write speeds, random access memory is a means of storing information temporarily, as it loses all the information stored on it when the computer is turned off.

Types of random access:

 There are two main types of RAM:

 Dynamic RAM:

It is considered the most used, and it is found on the motherboard in various computing devices such as computers and smart phones, and its area is large compared to the static random access memory, this type of RAM uses capacitors in addition to the transistor to store data in the form of charges, and the data is in the form of either zero (there is no A charge) or one (there is a charge), due to the nature of capacitors, they cannot hold the charge for long periods, so it must be recharged either by the processor or the memory monitor unit during a certain period of time.

 Static RAM:

This type of RAM is usually found in the CPU, and its capacity is much less than that of the dynamic memory. However, its speed is significantly greater, and this type of RAM uses what is called and transistors to store data in the form of either zero or one, and this memory does not need recharging, and it is worth noting that static memory needs a larger number of transistors compared to dynamic It is also considered much more expensive than dynamic memory, and at the beginning of the twenty-first century, memories were developed from the possibility of transferring data unilaterally to the possibility of transferring it bilaterally. The random memory with dual transfer has been developed three times as follows: DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 .

The benefits of computer RAM:

As increasing the RAM capacity in computers brings many noticeable benefits, including:

  1. Avoid sudden drops in computer performance; This is due to the increase in the number of programs that can be executed simultaneously. Improving the performance of network connection and data exchange.
  2.  Browse the Internet faster by making pages open faster.
  3.  Increase computer performance when playing video games and processing 3D models.


As the read-only memory is embedded in the computer device, and it contains data for the computer to read, but it cannot be modified or written to, and this data remains constant in this memory even when the device is turned off; It works on a long-lasting battery inside the computer. ROM is normally used in a computer to start it up; So that this memory contains the software that enables the device to start, and in more precise words, the read-only memory is used by the basic input and output system in the computer, and it is worth noting that the read-only memory is not only used on computers, but is also found in Many other devices, such as video game consoles, and the CD is an example of this type of memory, as it is not possible to write data to it only once.

Types of reading capacity:

There are several types of ROMs that differ according to how they are reprogrammed, and these types are:

  • Programmable ROM: This type of ROM can be reprogrammed with specific software available only to the memory manufacturers.
  •  Erasable and programmable ROM: a special type of ultraviolet ray is used to reprogram this type of memory.
  •  Electronically erasable and programmable read-only memory: It is considered one of the most common read-only memories used in motherboards inside computers, due to the possibility of reprogramming it; As this can be done by using specific software on the computer, it can be maintained in the event of a malfunction or updated when new updates are issued.