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The best free sites for distance learning

The Internet has a lot to offer you, especially when it comes to the subject of distance education. There are free, high-quality distance education sites completely so that you can get free educational courses in various fields, including language learning, programming, because one of the important benefits of the Internet is the presence of a huge amount of information At hand, and at the present time, there are many ways to learn new skills and there is no better place than the Internet and we have collected many free websites to learn new skills with certificates accredited from different places, including Harvard University.

Best free websites for distance learning:


It is considered one of the best free distance education sites is this site, as it cooperates with universities and institutions around the world, and this makes it full of many topics and points of view in a single database that is easy for the applicant to access by searching on the site, and it is considered one of the Important sites on the Internet and it includes courses from the best universities around the world, and this is what makes the site on the top of the list of distance education sites, as more than 25 million learners participate in it and 149 universities around the world participate and it has nearly 2000 educational courses, and most of the Swiss courses cover a wide range Of the specializations and skills required for deep learning, including web development, drawing, and the courses are generally free with the option to pay between $ 40 - $ 150 for certification privileges that you can use to improve your CV.

 Khan Academy:

Khan Academy with lots of high schools to offer more accessible and well-organized services and Khan Academy provides impressive better depth in a lot of different subjects. And, as Khan Academy is incredibly usable, it makes it easy to maintain education goals.

 Open Culture Online Courses:

If you are looking for specific educational materials, you can start on this site, as it contains a long list of free online courses. The page offers 1000 written materials, videos and podcasts from all universities around the world, and the site contains many free materials, all of which are elements They are easy to browse and this means that you can find hundreds of university courses without the need to visit each site, and there is a list of courses from universities in Australia, England, Wales and many universities around the United States of America, so it is an open source for many courses in the same field.


As this site is similar to this site with Quesra site very much in the same goal it allows users to create specialized courses, by working with many senior professors and schools, and the site blends between the customizable platform for other sites with a strong focus on high-quality content, this site also mixes Among the paid and free content as well.

Academic Earth:

This site, the three previous sites, because it collects training courses from several different sources and focuses on presenting a variety of topics, and at the beginning the site asks to determine the nationality accordingly, offers you the courses available for it according to the subject and the university so that it is easy to find the course you are looking for.


It is considered another great option from distance education sites as it is a free educational site that offers certificates from some regions and provides training courses in various fields, including health, business, and technology, but it also includes language courses, which is a good option if the learner is looking for a deliberate certificate from Trusted Places Ellison also offers curricular courses.

 iTunesU Free Courses:

It is considered one of the very suitable places for remote education via the Internet because it is suitable for users of iPod or any other mobile phone such as a phone or iPod touch, where users download the application and desktop users can access the application from the application store of each device and search for educational materials on the application In different ways, including according to type and topic, and often the training courses are a mixture of free video clips and paid content, as the site includes wide-ranging courses in multiple fields.

 Stanford Online:

Where the site is an educational center for all online materials from Stanford University and the university offers online training courses that depend on the self-course, while the Quesra website offers some courses from Stanford University and provides many semesters that are only available through other hosts, as the site has a lot of high-quality courses Although the subjects are only limited to some extent compared to other sites with more than one university.