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What are the computer software components?

The computer generally contains components of two types of hardware and software components, and the term software can be interpreted as a general description of programs and applications that control physical components or hardware and use them, and there are a number of classifications of the software components that can be found in a computer, and through our article we will explain The best ingredients.

Computer software components:


It is a built-in or embedded program, which is usually installed permanently on one of the physical pieces inside the device, and this is usually done in the factory that manufactured this piece, and in general most of the parts in a computer contain this type of software, and the average computer user does not deal in a way. Directly with this software, and one of the best examples of it (the BIOS system), which is a system written on the read-only memory, which works before the operating system starts working.

Operating systems:

 It is the system that provides the user with an interface that enables him to benefit from the physical parts. Memory, organization, and others, in addition to, of course, controlling the execution of programs, applications, appendices, networks, and files.

 Applications or programs:

This type of program that is not essential for a computer to function is among the most important examples of it: web browsing applications, writing programs, games, programming languages ​​and others. There are a number of the most important programming languages ​​currently available, such as: Java, Python, (C ++), (C), and others.

 computer :

A computer is a machine or device that is able to do a number of things, including:

  • Process operations, tasks, and perform calculations, based on programmed instructions through software or hardware.

  •  The computer is designed to allow its user to implement a number of applications, in addition of of course to provide effective solutions to the user through the use of common hardware, software, and hardware components.