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What are the commands to speed up the computer

  The performance of a computer depends on many factors, including what is related to the hardware of 
the device itself; That is, the speed of the performance of the pieces in it and the extent of their
efficiency in communicating with each other, including what is related to his health in general; Whereas, the computer needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best performance, and from maintenance images cleaning it of unnecessary files, updating its software constantly, and so on.

Device acceleration commands:

 Correcting storage media cracks:

As the occurrence of cracks in the hard disk partitions is normal with the continuous use of the computer; As the data in the storage medium becomes scattered and untidy, knowing that this command is not apparent to the user, but there are special programs to detect and correct this problem, and the Windows operating system provides commands to detect and correct the partitions of the storage medium, if any, and can be used by Command Prompt:

  • Run Command Prompt, the phrase (cmd) is written in the search field in the Start menu, then right-click on the (Command Prompt) icon, and choose to run it with the powers of the administrator. Typing the command (Defrag / c), and then pressing the Enter button on the keyboard, and thus the process of correcting cracks will start in all sections of the storage media.

  • The cracks of a specific section of the storage media can be corrected by typing the command (Defrag) followed by the letter that symbolizes the partition, for example, to scan the partition (C:), the command is entered (Defrag C:).

Detect damaged parts of the hard drive:

 As the hard disk has a specific lifespan, after a period of use, parts of it called sectors begin to become corrupted, and thus become unable to store data in them, which may cause many problems such as the device stops responding suddenly, or the emergence of messages indicating an error, or simply a decrease Device performance, and the chkdsk command can be used in the Windows operating system to scan a partition on the hard drive and detect any problems in it, and this is done through:

  •  To run the Command Prompt, write the phrase (cmd) in the search field in the Start menu, then right-click on the Command Prompt icon, and choose to run it with the powers of the administrator.

  • Writing the command (chkdsk) followed by the letter that symbolizes the section to be scanned, for example if the section to be scanned is (C:), then the command is entered (: chkdsk c). Pressing the Enter button on the keyboard, and by that the scanning process will start, and when it is finished, its results will appear. The chkdsk software allows you to correct errors detected by scanning; This is done by adding (f /) before writing the section name; For example, to correct the errors in section (: C), the command is called (: chkdsk / f c).

Detecting corrupted operating system files:

 Corrupted files of some operating system may affect the performance of the computer. Corrupted files can be detected through the (sfc) command by running the command prompt. The phrase (cmd) is written in the search field in the Start menu, and then pressed Right-click on the "Command Prompt" icon, and select "Run as administrator" ، Typing the command (sfc / scannow), and then pressing the (Enter) button on the keyboard.

Factors in computer performance:


 Where the speed of the central processing unit is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of a computer. Often times a computer processor is likened to a human brain, and in general, the speed of the processor, or what is known as its frequency; That is, the number of cycles that are executed per second, indicates the performance of this processor, and the increase in the number of cores in it increases the device's ability to perform several tasks simultaneously.


Random access memory, which is the memory in which data is stored temporarily, is considered one of the important factors that have a significant impact on the performance of the computer, and this memory is considered faster than other storage media such as the hard disk, therefore, after the processor searches in the cache for the data it needs Then, he searches the RAM, and if he does not find it in it, then he resorts to the hard disk, which is considered to be the slowest speed compared to the cache and random access memory, and in general, the more RAM capacity in addition to its speed, the better the performance of the computer as a whole.