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 It is a malicious program that multiplies on the target device by copying itself into other programs, in the boot sector (start-up), or even in documentary files, and this is done without the computer user's knowledge or permission Where a person starts spreading the virus on the device, and this person may be ignorant of the matter so that he spreads the virus without knowing, the virus may spread in many ways, it can be done by opening the user to an e-mail message that contains viruses, or running a specific program, or visiting a site Or even through mobile storage equipment such as flash memory, or otherwise, viruses are types and we will learn them from our article.

Types of viruses in the computer:

Boot sector virus:

 The boot sector virus is considered one of the most dangerous types of viruses that infect a computer. This is because it infects the file responsible for loading the operating system, and it is difficult to get rid of this virus, especially if the boot sector has been encrypted by the virus, and in most cases the operating system of the device must be deleted and reinstalled again.

 File virus:

A file virus is a type of virus that infects files, this type combines itself with certain types of files that usually carry the EXE or COM extension. This virus is not considered very dangerous because its effect is weak, so the operating system is not disabled nor the files deleted. And its effect is limited to the inaccessibility of the infected files, and it can be easily removed from the device.

 Resident virus:

The resident virus is classified as a type of virus that infects the computer's memory, as it hides itself there, as well as infects any file that is run, and starts its activity when the operating system is loaded, and it works whenever a specific program is run or loaded, and this virus is considered one of the worst viruses; Because it may affect the operating system, and be difficult to remove from the device due to its memory link.

 Mutated viruses:

Where a polymorphic virus is known as a virus that copies itself and changes its code constantly, and works to encrypt its contents so that it is not detected through anti-virus programs, so it is considered one of the viruses that are difficult to remove, and this virus also changes its code without Change its program's functions or basic characteristics, and as soon as it is discovered by anti-virus programs, it changes its shape and code.

 Rotkit virus:

 The target device will be controlled and controlled by the rootkit virus without the knowledge of the computer user. Where the hacker accesses log files to spy on the activities of the computer user, and change the basic system settings, as it installs basic programs to control the operating system, so that it has the ability to disable or modify the basic functions and programs in the device, and it is difficult to detect this virus Using anti-virus software.

 Macro viruses:

Macro viruses attack commands written in macro language, and specifically commands of Microsoft Office programs. Like Microsoft Word, where these viruses add malicious code to the original macro commands in the program, and modern versions of office programs have been developed to disable these viruses by default.