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Windows 8 and its most important features

Windows 8 is an operating system for personal computers belonging to the Windows NT family. This system has introduced important changes to the user interface, as it has been modified according to the modern metro design architecture to match the touch screen technology that is available in tablets, in which touch is used to deal with various applications. The use of this system is not limited to operating tablets, but extends to desktop computers, and in addition to the different appearance and developed from previous operating systems such as Windows 7, it is characterized by a faster operating time and better performance.

Windows Features 8:

Screen lock and lock:

The lock screen in the Windows 8 operating system contains many small services that are rich in many benefits and information such as the number of e-mails, display the time, date, and other services, and it also contains beautiful images displayed on the screen, the screen lock is canceled by pressing a key The distance in the case of using the keyboard, or by swiping with a gesture indicating the tablets, then typing the password, or Windows 8 allows the use of a specific picture as a password and it can be opened with an invisible signal. Microsoft explained an example of this that while using a picture of a person, the password is Clicking on the left nose and arm, this lock fits most tablets.

 Windows Windows Reader:

Where this feature is hidden in Windows 8, but it is a very important feature, which is the inclusion of a reader inside the Windows operating system that is lightweight, supports PDF files, as well as that it is automatically renewable with the latest version through the Windows update, and it also enhances the security of the Windows operating system by By reducing the size of unsafe used applications.

Hidden desktop tools:

Microsoft has removed desktop gadgets from Windows 8, considering their existence unsafe, explaining that the desktop gadgets are a program, through which it is possible to modify the user's system as using any other program, although people who like desktop gadgets can install them. Easily.

Simple and easy start menu:

Windows 8 developer features a Start menu that can be used easily by pointing the mouse cursor to the bottom left corner, or it can be accessed by holding down the Windows key and then pressing X, or by swiping from the right side of touch devices, to be Getting a menu that contains many options through which the user can access applications and other useful tasks, such as entering the control panel, managing devices, or entering the dialog box to do a search, or other services.

 Simplified dashboard:

Windows 8 provides its users with easy access to the Control Panel through the user interface by providing many commands on the Control Panel without resorting to a long search in the Control Panel to find similar tasks, by coordinating in the computer settings.

 Watch the video in high quality:

Windows 8 enhances video quality and viewing through the Metro Video application added by Microsoft, which is an easy and simple-to-use video-viewing application that is lightweight, although there are also other video-viewing programs that are still present on Windows Media Center, Windows Media Playe and can be used. Also.