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What is e-mail and its benefits

 E-mail is the service that helps to send and receive messages by digital devices through the Internet, and these messages may be in the form of text or graphics, or these messages may be used to send audio files and animations between users, and besides that, e-mail The user can send mail to a specific individual, or a specific group, or with a group of users at the same time, in addition to providing many options related to this correspondence and the ability to save, edit, print, and so on.

Email basics:

E-mail helps with simple basics that can be mentioned as follows:

  •  E-mail relies on writing messages in an e-mail service provider program; It is possible to use the keyboard of the computer or other devices, instead of using the pen, as in the traditional mail.
  •   After completing the writing of the message, it is necessary to specify the other email address to which the message will be addressed, and after making sure of that, press the send button to allow it to reach the recipient.
  • When selecting the send command, the servers are responsible for transmitting messages between the sender and the receiver. When a new email is received, it will be seen in the Inbox field as soon as you click on it.

Email positives:

E-mail or e-mail contains many positives, whether in the business world or elsewhere, including:

 Ease of communication:

As e-mail offers many advantages that individuals get in return for its use, it allows sending and receiving messages quickly among users, in addition to its widespread use in commercial business for several purposes; Such as requesting new customers, or organizing communication between employees, or providing customer service, and so on.


Where the reliance on e-mail allows easy correspondence between business groups to organize training or cooperative activities, in addition to its use as a means of collecting proposals related to work between partners and employees without the need to work under pressure and organize visual meetings, and it is considered as a reference record in the future for easy preservation of correspondence.

 Ease of access:

Where e-mail is considered a very effective way to facilitate business and tasks through the ability for individuals to access it, at any time and place, by means of mobile devices, which enables them to follow-up correspondence and schedule work in a way that serves their interests, away from the old methods that involve the accumulation of papers and letters. In filing cabinets, and the consequent loss of them, or difficulty in accessing them when needed.

Types of email:

Where there are many types of e-mail, and they are as follows:


It is the type of e-mail that is based on providing the service on the World Wide Web. This type of email service is used by many systems such as Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, and many others.

 Post Office Protocol 3:

It is a type of e-mail that is characterized by the ability to browse and read its messages even in the event that the user is not connected to the network, as the e-mail server (Server) is accessed through its application, then the messages are downloaded to the user’s device to be deleted from the server, so it is not The messages of this type of email can only be accessed from the device itself.

 Internet Message Access Protocol:

It is the e-mail that is based on accessing messages over the Internet, and these messages are stored and modified directly on the main server machine, so when you delete a message from this mail, it cannot be accessed again from any other device, as it has been deleted from the main server.

Microsoft Exchange Server:

It is one of the types of e-mail for large institutions and companies through which it is possible to access the messaging system using different devices, and it is worth noting that this type was designed by Microsoft.