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What are the reasons for the weakness of the Internet

 The Internet has become a necessity of life with the terrible technological development, through which many works are carried out, millions of correspondences are delivered, news is spread, and communication with other people around the world, so the more fast and high-quality the internet used in transmission It gave its users comfort, and saved them a lot of time, patience, and effort. There are many reasons that make the Internet slow and weak, and you should pay close attention to them to avoid them and get a strong and fast network.

Causes of poor internet network:

 Poor internet network for financial reasons:

  • The type of device antenna: the devices' antennas differ from each other in their quality, and their ability to capture the net network, as excellent antennas have a strong net signal, unlike inferior antennas.

  • The components of the device itself: the components of the devices that receive the net signal differ from each other, so the traditional and non-original components affect the signal strength and speed.

  • Peak hours: In the hours when the use of the internet is at its peak, the pressure and burden on the network increases, and the network becomes weak, and it becomes slow.

  •  Train travel: where the trains consist of a set of tubes made of metal, which block the signals of the net network, affect them, weaken them, and work to jam them.

Poor internet network for technical reasons:

The large number of applications on the device: They are the applications loaded on the device, which cause the net signal to weaken, and to distort it, and not to capture it completely, so it is recommended to delete unnecessary applications.

 Free App Ads:

As the ads associated with the free applications installed on the device work to weaken the network, its interference, and the difficulty of capturing it in the device. Leaving the applications open causes a lot of sent and received notifications, which impedes the capture of the net signal efficiently, and works to distort and weaken it, so it is better. Exit applications and close them.

 The large number of friends on the application of Facebook and WhatsApp:

As the large number of conversations, and notifications by friends, cause many updates, and many alerts, to be sent, which leads to weakening and confusing the internet signal.

 Operating Sytem:

As some operating systems, especially the old ones, slow down the speed of the Internet and weaken it, so operating systems begin to be constantly updated.

 service provider:

Depending on the organization that provides the internet service, the quality, strength, and speed differ, some networks suffer from constant weakness in their signal, as a result of weakness in their programming, and the presence of many errors in the design of the system, and the presence of errors in the ability to store data in memory, and some networks have a strong signal It is advisable to change the service provider permanently in this case.