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What are the reasons for internet disconnection

 The Internet or the Internet is a network that connects computers with each other at any time and from anywhere in the world to send and receive information between them of any kind, such as text, graphics, sound or picture, or even electronic programs, and this is done from Through the specialized server and routing devices, and through the use of special protocols for each of them, a specific function in sending and receiving various digital data packets, of which the IP protocol is the dominant and most important among them, and it can be said that the Internet is a global network that operates at a speed less than a second to send and receive Information, but it is possible to encounter some problems in disconnection and this is due to many reasons that we will explain through our article.

Reasons for internet outages:

Internet signal interference with radio signals:

Where the radio signals emitted from various electronic devices around the home, or located near the router's device, can interfere with the Internet network signal to cause it to be interrupted, for example, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, and microwave ovens can cause the Internet to stop while it is running.

 Click on the Internet:

Where the use of a large number of devices on a specific Internet leads to an interruption of the Internet signal, or a reduction in the rate of data transmission for each device connected to it, which leads to stopping playback of videos, and websites not opening, and the device can disconnect the network connection, then it works To call her again frequently; In an effort to get enough bandwidth to keep the internet connection.

Network device driver malfunctions:

Every device connected to the Internet uses a program called a device driver program, as it helps to connect this device with the router, and network routers contain a technology associated with it called the firmware responsible for its operation, and it may become disabled, or out of date, which causes an interruption of the Internet , And other problems.

 Wrong internet connection:

Whereas, network devices can communicate with other adjacent network devices, if they have the same name, and do not contain a password, as this leads to interfering networks, and the Internet signal is interrupted, and wireless devices will lose network connectivity when turned off Operating the network next to it.

Address the problem of internet disconnection:

  •  Try pulling the plug, unplug the router or modem and modem from the power source, then wait at least 30 seconds before turning them back on.
  •  And turn off the firewall. If the problem is solved, the firewall settings can be checked, or replaced with another one.
  • Check the Internet connection, if the person uses a wired network, then the wire can be replaced, but if he is using a wireless network, then he can try to try using the wired network, or you can change the location of the computer to get a better signal.
  • Uninstalling the network driver software, then reinstalling it, and moving network equipment away from other electronic devices, or changing some wireless network settings, in order to avoid the problem of internet radio interference.
  •  Take appropriate security measures and set a password for the network, to ensure that only its computers are connected.
  •  Reducing pressure on the network, if the TV is showing movies using the Internet, it can be turned off, games stopped, or files unloaded on the device, etc., to speed up the rate of data transfer.