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Ways to learn to write quickly on the keyboard

The keyboard is one of the input devices for computers and smart devices such as mobile phones and tablet browsers, which may be either tangible or as an internal application in the device, where it is usually used for writing and printing, whether for the purpose of writing reports or research, or for conversations and other things. This article will provide you with some tips that will speed up the process of typing on the keyboard.

How to quickly write on the keyboard:

Sitting properly, as sitting correctly is through assuming the appropriate position for writing; And it occurs by making the back straight, while maintaining a distance of at least forty-five to seventy cm at least between the rays of the screen and the eyes, and it is preferable for the face to be tilted with the head facing forward, and sitting in an appropriate manner helps to increase the flow of blood in an appropriate amount To the fingers, which enhances the hands' ability to print properly, in addition to reducing the possibility of developing the carpal tunnel problem, and helps to prevent pain associated with it, and relieves numbness in the wrist, knowing that it is also necessary to adjust the height of the computer screen, So that it fits the level of the head in a way that ensures it stays upright.

Pay attention to the position of the hands on the keyboard:

 So that the fingers must be on the focal row, which is the middle row on the keyboard that begins with the letter (k) and ends with the letter (u), so that the fingers of the right hand must be placed on the letters (k) (m) (n) (v) and the fingers of the left hand on The letters (u) (o) (j) (b), it is worth noting that the pinky finger is on the letter (k) and the index finger is on the letter (t) in the right hand, and in the left the pinky is on the letter (u) and the forefinger is on the letter (b) The index finger is also used for the letter (a) and the letter (l), and the thumb is to press the spacebar.

 Click on the characters for other lines in the following way:

The letter (G) and the letter (P) are pressed with the index finger of the right hand, the two letters (F) and (Q) are pressed with the index finger of the left hand, and the rest of the letters are in the upper and lower row, and are pressed with the fingers of the two hands. Writing on the keyboard on a daily basis at a rate of not less than two hours, in order to memorize the location of the letters and how to write correctly, while making sure that the writing is gradual, as the beginning must be by typing individual words, and then small paragraphs until the user becomes efficient enough to write paragraphs Long and fast.

Time competition in writing:

 Meaning that there is a challenge to write ten words per minute, and then twenty words and increase the number more and more until it reaches forty-five words per minute, which is the standard rate that is adopted in printing, and this is through the use of the timer on the mobile phone, Or wristwatch or something else.

Using applications or games on various Internet sites:

 It allows the user to practice fast printing through time-bound tests and in multiple languages, while at the same time feeling the amusement and enjoyment of the time instead of the daily routine of printing. Use books and magazines to teach fast printing, which contain many paragraphs that take into account the position of the fingers on the keyboard.