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Ways to factory reset the computer

 Factory reset of a computer is about restoring the original settings of the device that it was on when purchasing it, and a reset may delete all stored personal files such as music, movies, photos, or any software or applications that were stored after purchasing the computer, so There may be a need to save a backup copy of the files to be restored later, and this procedure is resorted to in the event that slow performance of the device is noticed, or to prepare it for sale, and it is preferable to delete the personal files that are all on it, and in this article we will talk to factory reset for a group of different operating systems Example: (Windows 10, 8, 7).

How to factory reset:

 Windows 10 operating system:

Windows 10 operating system allows adjusting the device's original settings; Through the following steps:

  •  Click on the notifications on the far right of the screen, in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, or press (A +), then choose all settings, and click Update and Security.

  • Then we choose Recover from the left menu, and under the heading Reset this computer, we click on start, then a new window will appear from which we choose to keep my files in case we want to keep the personal files stored on the device, or we choose to remove everything if we want to delete all files, programs and applications.

  •  When choosing to remove everything, two options are presented to us; Either remove my files, or remove files and clean the drive. It is preferable to choose the second option in case the user wants to sell his computer.

  •  If the device contains more than one disk drive, you can choose the drives that we want to reset by choosing to wipe the primary drive or select all drives. You can also know which drives will be affected by the reset by clicking on Show a list of the drives that will be affected.

  • When I choose to keep my files, a list of programs installed on the device will appear on the screen, and they will be saved on my desktop when the process is finished.

  •  A window will appear in which we click on Reset, and with this the device will restart automatically, then it will reset, and this process may take one to two hours, so it is preferable to connect the charger if using a laptop.

  • The device may restart automatically several times during the reset process. We wait until the main Windows screen appears, after which we enter personal and other data to complete the login process.

Windows 8 operating system:

Where in the Windows 8 operating system, the device can be reset to factory settings through the update option without affecting the stored files, or the reset option with deleting all files stored on the device, and before clicking on the update option) you should pay attention to some things which are if the operating system version has been updated (Windows 8) to (Windows 8.1), the option to update will restore the original system (Windows 8), and the user will have to update it to a copy (Windows 8.1) later. And the applications installed by the user will be removed and stored as a backup copy in a folder, As for the applications installed with the system, they will be reinstalled after completing the update process, to update or reset the operating system (Windows 8), we follow the following steps:

  •  We start (Windows 8) and go to Settings by hovering the mouse cursor on the right edge of the screen, or by pointing the cursor at the top left corner of the screen. We click on Change PC settings and then we click on Update and Recovery.

  • We choose recovery, then we choose the start option present when updating the computer without affecting your files.

  •  In the event that you want to keep the files, but in the event that you want to get rid of and delete all files, we choose the start option present when removing everything, and we choose to reinstall, then follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

 Windows 7 operating system

In older operating systems such as Windows 7, the reset tool may not be available within the operating system, but some devices may come equipped with recovery discs with which you can factory reset the computer by inserting the disk into the device and following the instructions, taking care to take backup copies of files in case Not wanting to delete it, and the process is done by following the following steps:

  •  We look for a recovery in Windows Search, then open it. We choose Advanced Recovery Options.
  •  We click on Reinstall Windows. You can also enter the recovery window from outside Windows by restarting the device, and pressing the shortcut key, which in most devices is the (F11) button, before the main Windows screen appears. ).