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The most important programming languages ​​currently used

 There are the most important programming languages ​​used in the labor market in 2020, as recommended by the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


As Python is one of the most used programming languages ​​in the current era, due to its ease of learning for beginners, as well as being an open source language; That is, any user can modify it, in addition to its free use, and Python offers many features for integrated support, easy compatibility with web services, and its use includes many areas, such as machine learning, deep learning, and the development of 3D animation packages, Games, binary imaging, as well as its ability to work within scientific and computerized applications. Python is also characterized by its great compatibility with C and C ++ programming languages.

 Kotlin language:

It is an open source language that is used for programming smart phone applications with the Android operating system, in addition to desktop applications, and web development. Kotlin was designed to deal and fully comply with the Java language, but this language addressed many of the problems that appeared in the Java language, and the Kotlin language combines what Between functional programming and object-oriented programming, and given the support of this language for programming Android applications, Google is working to promote it significantly; This promises a promising future for this distinct language.

 Java language:

As the Java language is considered one of the programming languages ​​that are widely used among software companies, and this language is characterized by the compatibility of its programs to work on any type of device regardless of the operating system in which the device is running, and Java is used extensively in the production and programming of applications of the Android operating system; Where that may be the reason why it is one of the most important programming languages, and Java is considered a stable language; This makes it excellent for learning in order to find a good software job, and another common use of Java is; Developing web applications, as the Java language provides its users with a large number of open source libraries that can be modified, and it also contains application programming interfaces that are used to accomplish various tasks; Such as programming networks, and databases.

JavaScript language:

It is considered the JavaScript language (also known as NOD.JS), which is the oldest language that appeared in the first web browsers throughout history, and JavaScript has evolved since its inception until the present time - especially in the years 2015 and 2016 and later - to become now one of the most popular programming languages. The language of JavaScript is considered the most sought-after programming skill in the labor market, and the reason for this is that programs of this language are spread in many technological applications used daily, such as web browsers, computer servers, and it is also considered important in developing Web software, whether on the server side or on the client side, and is also used in the development of smart phone applications, cloud storage services, microcontrollers, and other applications.

Swift language:

Where the Swift language is considered a programming language developed by Apple with the aim of using it for various general purposes, and it is used extensively in developing applications that run on the iOS operating system, instead of the Objective-C language, where studies indicate that an amount of 42% Of the 110 best applications on the Apple Store created in the Swift language, this language is characterized by its simple and coherent structure, speed, safety, and ease of learning, and due to Apple's promotion of this language, it is currently very popular in use among programmers.

Joe's language is:

It is considered one of the important languages ​​at the present time, and it appeared during the past decade, as engineers at Google developed it in 2012, and the aim of its development was to make the process of processing its data easier and faster than the other programming languages ​​used, and this new language succeeded in reducing the time that Google previously needed it to process its data, and in addition to that it was also distinguished by its ease of learning, scalability, and effectiveness, as it combined productivity with the relative simplicity of Python; In addition to the proficiency of the C programming language, Go has been used in many large electronic platforms, such as: Google, Netflix, Dropbox, and others.