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The importance of social communication and its applications

Social media is a technology that is used across the World Wide Web and by using multiple types of devices Such as computers, tablets, or even smart phones, and these means allow their users to interact with other users such as family and friends through what is shared through these means such as pictures, blogs, videos, and other things provided by social media such as games, for example, The use of these means is not limited to individual and personal use, as companies use these means in order to reach and interact with customers, place advertisements through these means or even provide various support services.

The importance of social media:

 Communicate with others:

As there are many benefits to social media regarding the subject of users' communication with each other through these means, through the possibility of immediate and direct communication with people anywhere around the world, through many applications that allow this, such as Facebook, Twitter and other applications. In addition to the advantage of being able to reach any user around the world through these means, ease of communication is an added advantage of these means, the emergence of these means has led to the abolition of reliance on landlines, or even the use of regular mail, so all it takes to communicate through these means is The presence of a smartphone or computer on which a social media application is used.

Entertainment and entertainment:

Where it is possible to go to social media as a good means of entertainment and pleasure, and there are many people who use these means when they want to relax and be free from work pressures, and the matter of seeing comments and posts from other users is a good thing for the user, and this is due to the social instinct in which a person is found .

 Make new friends:

Whereas, the emergence of social networks is drastically changing the concept of friendship, in the past it was a difficult thing to have a friend, but at the present time one user may have hundreds of friends through various social media such as Facebook, for example, although the person may not These friends know only through these means, but this does not diminish this relationship.

Learning process development:

Where the various means of social communication can be used in developing the teaching and learning process, through a number of things, including:

  1.  Take advantage of educational programs that are shared on social networks. Communicate with people who specialize in specific topics and follow them on social media.
  2. Search for a specific topic within these sites. Enabling learners to build social credibility.
  3.  Business development Social media offers many benefits to people who have businesses.

The most important social media applications:


Where Facebook is the most widespread social media network on the Internet, with more than two billion monthly active users on this program, and Facebook contains many various features; Such as the Facebook Messenger application, which is considered the second most popular messaging application around the world, and Facebook allows its users to share photos, events or even videos with other users, communicate with friends, and other things, and this social networking site was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.


It is a social media site that allows its users to share different types of multimedia, such as photos and videos, or even download them, and this application works on mobile phones that operate with different operating systems; Like the Android operating system, the iOS operating system, or even the Windows Phone operating system, to create an Instagram account, the user must be more than 13 years old as a minimum, and you can interact with other users on Instagram by commenting on their posts and liking them.

snap chat :

It is a popular and very popular social communication application, which allows its users to take what are known as snaps and publish photos and videos that disappear automatically after a short time after publishing them, and this application is easy to use, and Snap Snap contains millions Users.


 It is a social networking site that allows its users to post short posts through it known as tweets, and it is possible to follow other people's tweets or even comment on one of them, and tweets can also be used and placed within keywords on Twitter, in addition to the ability to search for any tweets on this site. It should be noted that The maximum number of characters for this tweet is 280 characters, and this website is characterized by its ease of use, and its integration with external services, but it should be noted that it is difficult to find specific people within this application.