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The best imaging software for iPhone

The iPhone is a sophisticated smart device that was discovered in 2007 by Apple, providing the user with many important applications that he needs in his life, and one of the best of these applications is the camera, but the camera in its traditional form is not enough alone, but rather needs other applications, adding effects Beautiful on the image according to the user's desire, and one of the best of these applications is what I will talk about in our article.

iPhone photography software:

There are many imaging programs for iPhone, including the following:

 My Brushes Application:

 It is considered a suitable application for iPhone 5, and it contains filters and combined features that are not found in any other application, including correcting brightness and contrast errors, cutting and rotating the image professionally, and there is also a feature to adjust and correct the lighting, and it also allows the feature to write on the image with the best Arabic fonts And the special font and its modification in addition to controlling the size and color of the font, and there is a feature to share the image from within the application itself via social networking sites.

 Camera Awesome app:

It is considered one of the most important free applications available, which provides good and useful options such as the ability to shoot video from within the same application, and the focus feature that gives the user the ability to focus on a specific thing without others and fade the surroundings, and it also allows the possibility to specify the lighting in any place more than areas Surrounding, also has the ability to give the user the ability to crop and modify the image and add distinctive and beautiful frames.

 Magisto app:

It is considered an application that provides an important feature for editing video recordings, as it enables the user to add video clips and delete some unwanted audio recordings as well, and it automatically corrects image errors, and allows the user to choose the best image and share it as well, and the effects and sounds are ready and added to the application To finish editing it within a few minutes, it is a very popular application with thirty million users, and last year it got the best application in the AppStore.

 Ps Express:

 It is the official Photoshop program for the iPhone, and it is one of the free programs available for the iPhone, but there is one feature that is considered not free, which is the feature of removing distortions from the image and smoothing it, and it allows you to modify the image in a short time, but without adding any effects.


 It is a suitable program for capturing more than one image crosswise and pasting them next to each other, and in the end, obtaining a long image for a specific scene.