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The best components for a motherboard

 The main board in a computer is known as the board, the main board, or even the main circuit board, and it is a part made of a non-conductive material, usually of reinforced plastic, and it contains the main and important components of the computer, and it also contains many electrical circuits that It connects the various components on it, in addition to that, the motherboard contains a number of ports and slots for connecting some parts of the computer to it.

Motherboard components:

I / O ports:

The input and output ports are placed in a typical motherboard design in line with the back of the chassis, and the input and output ports usually contain screen ports, speakers, a microphone, an Internet cable, and many USB devices, and some motherboards include ports for older devices. ; Such as: printers ports.

 CPU socket:

As it connects the central processing unit of a computer to the CPU socket, and this socket contains hundreds of metal connectors for the metal pins located at the bottom of the processor, as these connectors help to provide power to the processor and transfer data to and from other computer components.

RAM entrance:

The motherboard contains one or more RAM slots for the purpose of installing the RAM, and these slots are usually located near the CPU socket, and the RAM computer is used as a temporary storage memory to store running programs and open files, and whenever it is The size of the RAM is large. The computer is able to run many programs simultaneously and with high efficiency.

Expansion Slots:

As it allows expansion slots for the motherboard, "Expansion Card Slots" for the user to add new components to the computer, or develop existing components by installing additional cards. Video cards are among the most popular add-on cards. Video cards, or what is known as "Graphic cards" are also used "To display pictures on a computer screen, and there are several video cards available that allow you to display large pictures and games clearly.

Volume Connectors:

Hard disk drives, optical drives, and floppy drives are among the most common internal storage devices in computers, and the motherboard usually contains at least two of these drives.

Primary I / O system:

Where the BIOS is known as a ROM chip on the motherboard, and it allows the user to access his computer system, and one of the most important functions of the BIOS is to test the computer and ensure that there are no errors before loading the operating system program.