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The best components for a laptop

 Every person who wants to own a laptop must have thought carefully about the technical specifications of the computer components, because those specifications determine the level of computer efficiency, and in the following we mention the most important components of the laptop.

Laptop components:

 Healer :

It is a central processing unit that is the component responsible for the device, whose speed is measured in gigahertz, and there are multi-core central processing units consisting of internal processing units in the same chip, and the higher the speed of the processing unit, this in turn will be reflected in the speed of the laptop.

 Hard Disk :

It is considered a memory storage unit for a laptop computer, the larger its area allows for the installation of more large programs and the preservation of more files. Today’s high-performance laptops contain hard drives with hundreds of gigabytes of storage space, and typical hard drives run at 5,400 cycles. Per minute, but better performance can be obtained with a hard drive at 7,200 or even 10,000 rpm.

System memory Random access memory (RAM):

 It is considered one of the main components that make a laptop computer run faster, and a lot of RAM will allow the laptop to run more programs simultaneously, in addition to working with large multimedia programs, and a laptop computer browsing the Internet needs about 2 GB of memory Random access, while an entertainment laptop can range from 4 to 8 GB.

the screen:

 Laptops use liquid crystal display (LCD) screens, and it is possible to get the clearest picture running the laptop screen with original accuracy, which is the resolution in which the image matches the exact number of pixels on the screen, and the higher the original screen resolution of the laptop, the higher the image quality more details.

 Optical drive:

The optical drive for a laptop is a DVD or CD drive, and most new laptops come with a DVD +/- RW drive, also called a burner that reads and writes DVDs and blank CDs. In all formats, the importance of this feature is to make backup copies of important files in addition to placing home videos on a disk, and some small laptops save space and weight by not having an optical drive.

 External ports:

As the number of external ports varies from laptop to computer, so that each one has at least two USB ports, we may also find a (VGA) port for connection with a separate screen or display device, and the laptop may also include memory card slots for MMC cards ) And (SD).


Where the (Ethernet) port connects via an (Ethernet) cable to a wireless network using a wireless G or Wireless N signal, and it is almost available in all new laptops, and many families are now creating wireless home networks, so that they can use their own laptop They have to browse the web from any point of the house.

Video or graphics card:

As video cards generate graphics on the laptop screen, all laptop CPUs have a graphics controller that allows the computer to display basic video and graphics.

 Computer component malfunctions:

 There are many factors that cause different computer breakdowns, and below are the most prominent of them:

  1.  Manufacture errors that can cause sudden part failure.
  2. Interruptions and irregularities in the electrical current supplied to the computer.
  3.  High temperature due to insufficient ventilation of the internal parts.
  4. Hacker attack as a result of computer connection to the Internet.
  5.  Viruses and malware.
  6. Misuse by computer users.
  7.  There is a defect in the operating program of the computer.

Preferred computer parts manufacturers:

  1.  IBM. HP Inc. Apple.
  2. .Samsung Electronics Co.
  3.  Ltd.
  4.  Foxconn Technology Group.
  5.  Lenovo.
  6.  Quanta Computer.
  7.  Auster.
  8. Fujitsu.
  9.  Compel.