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Receiver programming methods

 The receiver is used to watch TV channels on the TV set. Where the receiver device performs many tasks to provide this service, it receives the encrypted signal and decodes it, and it converts the signal from digital to the analog form that the television set understands, in addition to that, the receiver works to extract the required channel signal only from the satellite signal. Another task for receivers is its ability to amplify audio signals, as well as providing an interface that can be interacted with by means of a remote control device.

How to install and program the receiver:

 Before starting to use the receiver, as it is preferable to place it in an appropriate place, the receivers may increase their temperature significantly during operation, for that; It must be placed in a place that allows air to reach it, and in addition to the other connected devices such as a television, it requires a large number of connections and wires, so it is preferable to install them in a place close to the electrical connections.

 Installation after installing the receiving dish:

In a high place (such as the roof of a building or balcony) and determine the appropriate angle for it to receive the signal from the desired satellite to receive its channels using an analog signal or other means, then the coaxial cable is extended from it to the receiver, so that this cable is connected to the rear interface of the receiver, and it is recommended Anchor the cable securely when stretching it from the saucer and not leaving it hanging or loose; In order to protect it from damage, it is also necessary to make sure that the receiving dish itself is well fixed so that the strong winds do not affect it, so it falls from the top of the building, causing injuries or material losses.

 Connect to TV:

By using RCA connectors:

After finding the ports for the RCA connections in the back end of the receiver, and each wire is connected according to its color to its designated location in the receiver, for example, the wires intended to transmit the audio signal are always red or red, and then these wires are connected in place The custom (also depending on the color of the cable and the port) in the back end of the TV, bearing in mind that some TVs may have the connection ports on the side or even the front.

 Using an HDMI connection:

The HDMI connection can be used to connect the TV to the receiver instead of RCA connections; As the HDMI connection is capable of transmitting high-quality sound and image, and it provides up to eight channels for digital audio signals. The lengths of HDMI connections differ from each other, some are short, and some are up to 50 feet long, but it should be noted that it is not recommended to use connections over 25 feet, as this may lead to signal loss or degradation.

Connect the TV to the receiver using an HDMI connection:

As it is best to turn off both devices first before starting the connection process. First, you find the dedicated port for the HDMI connection on the receiver and then connect the link to it, and you should not use force when connecting it, as it will naturally enter the port easily. Unless the user is trying to insert it upside down, and after completing the HDMI cable connection to the receiver, the port dedicated to the HDMI connection is searched for on the TV, knowing that some TVs may contain more than one port, so an HDMI connection is inserted into any of them And it is preferable that the first port is if it is available, and it is preferable not to use force when connecting the cable, and if the user encounters a problem during the connection, it is necessary to make sure that the connection is inserted in the correct form, not upside down.

After you have connected both devices:

Whereas, after the two devices are connected to each other using the HDMI connection, the input source for the TV is selected when it starts up As most TVs will ask the user about that when connecting for the first time, the user selects the source according to the port number to which the HDMI cable is connected. If it is the first port, for example, then "HDMI 1" is chosen from the input source list.

 Programming after completing all receiver connections:

  • Where this device must be programmed to decode the incoming signals from the satellite for which the dish is determined to receive its signal in addition to installing the channels on it, and this is done by following the following steps:

  • Turn on the receiver in addition to the TV, and the receiver may configure itself for work for the first time. After the receiver finishes initializing itself, the menu button is pressed using the remote control, and then "Settings" is selected.

  •  Choose the "Satellite" option from the list, and thus a list of all satellites installed on the receiver will appear. The arrow buttons are used to move between the names of the satellites, and upon reaching the desired satellite, the "OK" button is pressed on the remote control to select it.

  •  Press the yellow button on the remote control to start the channel search process; Where a bar will appear showing the progress of the process, and if its value reaches 100%, the search process will automatically stop, and the first channel found during the process will be moved. To move between installed channels, use the up and down arrow buttons on the remote control.