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Operating systems and the best types

 An operating system is a software system in which the programs and programs such as Internet browsers, media programs, text editors, and other popular programs work; It is not possible to browse the Internet or work on the computer without the presence of this system, and all the applications used on the computer need a specific operating system in order to fully help; Since it is possible to define the operating system as a special program, it acts as a graphic interface between the user and the computer components.

Operating Systems Sections:

Where operating systems are divided into two main sections according to their permission to carry out more than one operation at the same time, or to perform only one operation at a certain time, and sections of operating systems are:

  1. For multi-tasking and multi-user systems: These are systems that allow the implementation of more than one operation at the same time, and allow more than one user to use the software and applications on the computer.

  2.  Single-tasking and single-user systems: These are the systems that do not allow the execution of more than one operation at a time, and do not allow more than one user to use different applications on the computer.

Operating System Functions:

The operating system performs many functions that make using a computer possible for humans; Computer language is not like human language, and dealing with it requires a programming language that acts as a mediator between the user and the computer with its various components, and the operating system implements various programs and applications, and performs input and output operations such as dealing with the keyboard, screen and sound, and corrects programming errors that occur during the implementation Processes and programs, processes special system files, and organizes the use of computer components.

Types of operating system:

Where he found many types of operating systems; This is because computer uses and applications have become very much needed in various areas of life, and this great demand for computers and its applications has opened the way for many operating systems that meet specific needs according to the nature and quality of their programming; Each operating system has its own characteristics and characteristics only, and from the operating systems used in the computer world:

 DOS operating system:

Its abbreviation is Disk Operating System, and this system is considered one of the very old systems used to run many hardware programs, for example this system was used to run IBM personal devices, in addition to IBM’s devices, and this system was named after the company. Microsoft President Bill Gates developed this system, and it was called the developer system MS-DOS, and this system relies on running text commands directly, and this system is one-tasking, and it should be noted that it is the kernel of Microsoft.

 Linux operating system:

It is also considered one of the most famous and widespread and used systems, it is an open source system, it is characterized by a beautiful and simple graphic interface, it has many different versions, and it is characterized by high protection and security when using it, and it can also be modified because it is a completely free system, usually used by specialized protection engineers in particular. And networks in general.

 Windows Operating System:

This system is considered one of the most famous and prominent operating systems, and it is affiliated with Microsoft International, and the beginning of this system was in 1985; Where it was a graphic board assisting in writing commands in the DOS system, and in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five, Microsoft launched a separate operating system called Windows 95, and Windows is the most used operating system around the world due to its reliance on the graphic interface system that simplifies and facilitates work It is supported by users, in addition to being the only system approved for playing video games, which gave it a very large base of users around the world.

Haiku System:

This is a free and open source operating system like Linux, which is characterized by simplicity, beauty and speed of performance. It was launched in 2001, and Haiku is considered one of the systems used for personal use.

Chrome OS:

It is considered a kind of special system, it is based on the Linux kernel, and the desktop in it is unique; It depends on the Chrome system and applications only, and was specially made to run ChromeBooks, but it can also be downloaded on other computers.


 It is one of the least space systems in the computer world. It only needs 1.44 megabytes of hard disk space for a computer to complete its installation and operation, and this system was programmed using assembly language.

EComStation System:

It is an operating system created by Microsoft and IBM, but it remained under the umbrella of IBM after Microsoft left it, and it is a free system and one of the systems of little use and popularity.

TAILS system:
It is considered an operating system specializing in protection, encryption, privacy and confidentiality on the world wide web, and it is one of the Linux distributions, and it uses its own web browser called Tor in order to ensure the encryption of identity and protect the privacy and confidentiality of the user, and this system cannot be installed on the hard disk of a computer It is used as a living system; It works automatically when playing the CD that contains it.