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Methods of learning computer secrets

A computer is an electronic device that has the ability to receive data, process it to become valuable information, and then store it in various storage media, and it also has the ability to exchange information with other devices compatible with it, and the components of the computer are divided into two parts; They are: the physical and software components, and this device runs a special software called operating systems that provide the user with an environment to carry out the tasks, despite the wide and widespread knowledge of this device, and the operations that it performs very quickly, but there is a set of secrets that can be identified to increase its efficiency and speed , Which we will introduce you to some of them in the lines of our next topic.

Learn computer secrets:

 Permanently delete a file without going to the Recycle Bin:

It is possible to permanently delete a file without going through the Recycle Bin by pressing the shift / delete keys, but it should be noted that after performing this step, it becomes difficult to recover what was permanently deleted.

 Avoid losing all data:

 In the event that important work is done during the recent period, and there is a fear of losing and losing this work, it is possible to turn on the autosave feature in most programs, as it can be run in Word by choosing a menu, options, and then saving, from which we choose the info every save option autorecover, taking into account specifying the time used to separate each save from another.

 Turn off the automation feature:

Whereas, in some CDs, the automatic playback feature can be turned off in some CDs by pressing and holding the shift key, after placing the disc in the disk drive.

 Detecting the locations of damage on the hard drive:

Where, in the event that the operating system data is corrupted, it can be stopped and prevented from working, and this data consists of the master boot record, the operating sector, the operating system kernel files, and the file allocation table, and the necessary data files must be backed up before any repair of the hard disk is performed, in addition to avoiding Run any service tool for the disk, and you can check for disk corruption by restarting the computer, and press the left button after the Windows startup message appears, and then we choose safe mode command prompt only, and if there is damage when running, the system files must be replaced.

 Replace damaged files when there is a corrupt file:

 It is isolated using the system file scan tool, and with the same tool it is possible to restore the correct copy of the file, so we choose axtract to get the file from the CD, then select the required file, and press start after making sure that the path is in the correct direction, but in the backup file dialog box Then it is possible to accept the automatic mode or change the path, and if a message appears informing that the required folder does not exist, we press Yes, and thus the tool will stop searching for the file, and then we click on OK to return to the program.

 Inquire about Msconfig:

The MSConfig tool provides a graphical interface that creates an environment to start the system, and opens opportunities to solve problems by forming an environment to test the settings, and if this machine cannot detect the problem, some settings are removed sequentially to reveal the cause of the problem, in addition to that, this tool benefits In editing the lines of Windows configuration files, and the possibility of disabling some lines in them, run this tool by pressing Start, then Run, then print the word msconfig.