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Social networking sites refer to all websites on the Internet, and applications that are specially designed for individuals to share pictures, videos, audio and opinions in a dynamic way, and there are some misconceptions that limit social networking sites to being communication tools for smartphones, but the truth indicates These websites started with computers and spread to the extent that they became popular with smartphones and became a major part in the lives of individuals today. Distributed on more than one server, and according to the web server program, it is a computer program that adopts the hypertext transfer protocol in order to provide the website visitors with the files that they need, so the relationship between this program and the visitor of the site is a server-user relationship.

How to create a website:
Where you must follow several steps to create a new website and ensure its success, according to (Thought Co), these steps are summarized as follows:

Website hosting:

Whereas, website hosting is the process by which a dedicated place is rented on the web to include the files and resources needed for the website, and these files are contained in a web server so that any visitor can access them, and the prices for web hosting differ according to the host and the benefits and services he provides Also, many types of web hosting services are available; To suit the size of the website, and among these services, shared hosting service, resale hosting service, cloud hosting service, virtual private server, dedicated server, proprietary hosting service.

Domain Name Registration:

The domain name that the website owner wants to use for visitors to enter the site is purchased, and the domain name purchase prices range between $ 8-35 annually, and it is purchased from one of the sites specializing in selling it, and some hosting companies may also provide domain names in If the subscriber wants to purchase it, as this facilitates the process of managing the site so that the hosting service in addition to the domain name are on the same account.

Website planning:

Where the website must be planned before starting to design it, as its type, which in turn affects later in the design process, is determined, and how the visitor moves within the site is determined through the creation of a site map, and it clarifies the structure of the site and its pages in addition to the links it contains. Website layout Determine the website content of text, images, videos, and more.

Website design:

Where the website is designed by one of the well-known website design methods, and it can be programmed using site building languages ​​such as HTML, style pages, and in addition to JavaScript, like another method, one can resort to a web design program, or software Content management that simplifies the design process.

 Website Publishing and Marketing:

Where the website files are uploaded to the hosting service through one of the tools that the service itself may provide for that, or through the file transfer protocol, which is supported by most hosting services, as for the marketing of the website in case the owner wants to publicize it and increase the number of its visitors, and it is useful ways In that resort to improving search engines, so that people who search for products or services provided by the website can easily find it through search engines, and website designers may have to make some adjustments to support different search engines, and other means of marketing websites are mail Online, or social networking sites, or it can be done by simply advertising it by known means.

 Website maintenance:

Where the website must be checked before publishing, and after that it is checked on an ongoing basis; To ensure that it remains working as required, it can also be updated to keep pace with the latest developments, such as support for modern devices, in addition to various web browsers, and it is preferable to add more content to the site constantly in proportion to its audience.