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How to become a computer professional

The professionalism of a computer can be through learning how to use it correctly, as it is considered the best way to learn to use and operate a computer is to learn how to deal with the screen, use the mouse and keyboard, and there is no doubt that using a computer becomes easier when the user is able to open files Saving and closing them automatically, but this process requires practice and time.

Learn basic computer professional skills:

 It is recommended to learn basic computer skills so that the user becomes a professional, because the basic skills allow the user the opportunity to benefit from the system and the Internet to perform a wide range of tasks, and this is why you must know how to use the operating system, especially since many jobs require a great ability to deal with operating systems in computers. There is no doubt that a computer professional should be able to open applications and programs, navigate the Internet, and share files with computers over other networks.

Familiarize yourself with computer language:

Whereas, getting acquainted with the terms of dealing with the computer is one of the great ways to become professional in the computer, in addition to the necessity of familiarity with the computer language, that is, knowledge of dealing with it, and professional use of it.

Skills of a computer professional:

Where the computer user becomes a master when he learns a set of skills, and among these skills are:

  1. Keeping personal information safe.
  2.  Easily find lost or stolen tools.
  3.  Share a file between two computers.
  4.  Maintaining the computer from things that lead to damage, and maintaining it on a regular basis.
  5.  Access your home computer from anywhere.
  6.  Clean the device from all harmful and unusable files.
  7.  Setting up the network and resolving Wi-Fi problems.
  8.  Protect your device from viruses.
  9.  Do everything faster, and handle shortcuts.
  10.  Create a simple backup system.
  11. Learn the skills of using Microsoft Word.
  12.  Learn the skills of using Microsoft Excel.
  13.  Learn the skills of using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  14. Learn the skills of using Adobe Photo and Design program.
  15.  Learn software installation and deletion skills.
  16. Learn commercial marketing skills through social media.