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Download Manager Acceleration Methods

Internet Download Manager is to increase download speeds five times, and to resume, organize and schedule downloads, and the site is characterized by its ability to download specific files with filters, and one of the disadvantages of the system is that it re-downloads incomplete files again as a result of power outages, or a problem in the network, The program supports (HTTP), (HTTPS), (FTP) and (MMS) protocols, and has the ability to accelerate the download of audio files (MP3), and download videos from Internet browsers, and from flash video files, such as YouTube, Google, and Chrome. , Safari, Firefox, and others.

Download acceleration methods:


As this application is open to all users, and is similar to the previous two applications, it speeds up downloading, splits the file, supports multi-transfer protocol, and can be placed in a special box on the computer desktop, in order to facilitate its use, and to speed up multiple downloads.


As this application is characterized by being easy and fast to download many files from different sites, not only Internet files, but from social media, such as YouTube, where it can capture and download social videos, music, and is characterized by its high speed and ease of use, as it is used Dynamic file segmentation, in order to speed up downloading.


DTA is a fast download program As it has the ability to download every image, or every file at the same time, and has advanced standards that help the individual to get what he wants, and the download speed reaches 400%, by dividing files into multiple parts.

: Flash Get

Where the Flash gate application has the ability to download files at a tremendous speed, and has similar features to the DTA application, in addition to its ability to stop and start downloading, split files, and it organizes downloads by downloading them once, then saving them on the computer, and this application also serves Multi-transfer protocols, such as: Bitterant, FTP, and HTTP, and it downloads flash videos from YouTube.