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Computer hardware and software components

In the era of speed, technology and information, the computer saved us a lot of time and effort in preserving and recovering various and different information, so it replaced piles of paper and many different devices such as the calculator and others, and daily life became incomplete without the use of computers, whether in personal matters or in the workplace Government departments, and this small device is made up of tangible and non-physical parts, which is software.

Hardwar components:

The physical components of a computer are considered tangible components that can be seen with the eye, whether they are seen directly or through the dismantling of computer parts, and they are divided into three main sections, namely:

  • Input units: The components that are used to input information, images and sounds to a computer, such as a mouse, keyboard, microphone, scanner, and camera.
  • Output units: It is through which we see or hear the information output from the device such as the screen, the speakers and the printer.
  •  System unit: It is the metal box that comes with computers, and contains the basic components for it and consists of the motherboard, the central processing unit, the main memory, the hard and floppy disk drive, and the data buses; They are cables used to connect different computer parts and information is transmitted through them, and the power unit that conducts the electrical current to the computer in addition to the cards of the physical parts such as the screen card, and we note that this part is not present in laptops.

  • Central Processing Unit Box: The tasks of this unit are summarized in performing mathematical operations and logical comparisons through which we can identify the efficiency of the computer, and this unit consists of a microprocessor attached to a main board.

Computer software components:

They are the components that bring life to life in the parts of the device, and they are intangible and invisible to the eye. It is a group of programs that organize the work of the computer, and the quality of the computer system depends on the quality of the programs in it and is divided into two parts:

Operational programs:

They are programs that contain commands that enable the computer to do its work, such as, start-up, operations to display information on the screen, control of physical parts, and the computer does not work without them, and there are many examples of these programs, including DOS, and Windows.

 Applications and services programs:

 They are programs that are used by the user and are designed to perform a specific function and service such as word processor, spreadsheets, databases, presentation tools, games, multimedia programs, and many others, and is known among users as Microsoft office.

The importance of a computer:

Where a house or workplace is not devoid of computers in our current era, due to its great importance in performing multiple and different jobs and saving time and effort, and it has become very important for many reasons, including:

  • The ability to save and retrieve literal and digital information very quickly. Perform calculations very quickly, accurately and accurately recover and saved information and data, and simulate many devices and sometimes replace them, such as television, calculator, fax, and phone. Control the operation of many devices, and access to global networks such as the Internet.