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Windows 8 is an operating system for personal computers of the Windows NT family, and this system has introduced important changes to the user interface, as it has been modified according to the modern metro design architecture to match the touch screen technology that is available in tablets, in which touch is used to interact with applications The use of this system is not limited to operating tablets, but extends to desktop computers, and in addition to the different and improved appearance of its previous operating systems such as Windows 7, it is characterized by a faster operating time and better performance.

Windows 8 features:

As Windows 8 provides many features and features for users to provide a unique and developed user experience in line with modern technologies compared to previous versions, including:

Replace the Start menu:
 then replace this well-known menu with a larger Start screen, which provides access to applications and other resources through large boxes, and in the form of a group of icons placed in a grid, and this design is similar to those in tablets.

Taskbar Appearance:

It is a bar on the right side of the screen, available to users at any time, as it helps to access certain features, such as desktop settings and general search.

 Windows Store:

It allows users to share and buy various applications that are compatible with Windows systems, and the store supports applications based on Windows 8 RT.

 And Windows To Go feature:

As this feature allows users to make a complete copy of their operating system with their settings, backgrounds, files, and even their applications and put them on a portable drive, and when connected to any other computer running on Windows 8, this copy can work and The operating system components | OS]] make the new hardware very similar to the one normally used while keeping all settings intact.

Internet Explorer Update:

As it now supports 3D formats, local storage in the database, and many modern features, in addition to the browser response has become faster.

 User interface designed by metro:

Where Microsoft redesigned the user interface to make it more suitable for touch-based applications, the Start menu has been replaced with a screen with direct application titles, and the design also provides for the implementation of multitasking by browsing the applications on both sides of the screen.

Portable devices:

Where was Nokia:

 It is the pioneer in using the Windows operating system to operate its mobile phones, and now Samsung, Motorola, Huawei and others are joining it, and the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia has contributed to the growth of the Windows phones market, and the applications available to it, and Windows 8 mobile operating systems have the security features of other Windows systems Such as encryption, safe operation and others.

 System Restore Speed:

This process fixes problems by resetting the system to basic settings. Windows 8 offers the advantage of updating the device in less than 10 minutes by reinstalling a new copy while preserving personal data, basic system settings and applications.

 Integrating antivirus software into the defense system:

The user will not need to download an anti-virus program, as the Microsoft Security Essentials program, which is designed to protect the computer from viruses, has been integrated with the Windows 8 defense system.