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The pros and cons of visual and electronic media

The media represent the tools that contribute to the spread of culture in various ways, whether from the press, radio, television, cinema, advertisements, or books, and this culture is spread through an advanced industrial technology that allows information to be transferred and delivered smoothly to the public. In another definition, we find that the media express: a form of communication and social interaction; It represents the process of interaction between the individual and society. In order to satisfy the various needs, and thus it is considered a continuous human necessity. It is worth noting that the tools and media are mainly divided into four types, which are the printed or written media, such as: magazines, newspapers, and audio media, such as radio, and visual media, such as television, and electronic.

Pros of visual media:

  • The visual media contributes to raising people's awareness and introducing them to other cultures; And that is by watching a lot of what is presented through these means of news, events, cultural and historical programs, or even those documentaries that increase one’s ability to think critically about what the world is going through, and these means enable their audience to gain cultural experiences that can be gained through what It is presented from talk shows with a dimension and power, and it may play a role in encouraging reading of topics covered in a program or through a broadcaster.

 Among the other advantages that this type of media provides is providing children with communication and communication skills through educational programs that may be presented, and such educational programs contribute to teaching children many values, principles or even skills that they may need in their lives. Visual media is one of the ways in which entertainment content such as movies and music can be accessed.

Cons of visual media:

  • Where the use of visual media has some drawbacks, including that the content that is broadcast through it is often limited to a specific time and limited, and that these means will not be a place to present complex and long stories, in addition to that they may change many facts, in addition to It is based on embodying characters and arousing emotions.

  • The visual media also affected the nature of the social life that people live, and this influence extended to most segments of this society, so children became addicted to watching it in a way that might hinder them from performing their studies in the required manner, and the matter may develop so that children leave their food without eating it, and is not limited to The impact of such media on children only, but it may extend to housewives who may limit their duties towards their children and husbands due to their immersion in watching any type of visual media such as television.

Electronic media:

 Advantages of electronic media:

Where the electronic media that includes different social media has many advantages and benefits that accrue to the target group, and these benefits include:

  • Increase the speed of obtaining information; Information spreads through social media in a way that is not matched by any other media. Disseminating news and information quickly, in the event of disasters or crises. Raising the academic achievement of students, by discussing educational topics and making use of the educational content that is published and other methods that can improve their academic level.

  • Facilitating students' communication with their teachers and faculty members with each other, access to academic research and access to educational resources previously unavailable to university students and graduate students, and facilitate access to various sources of knowledge and learning, which were not previously accessible prior to the emergence of this Kind of media.

  • Helping people create and consolidate new social relationships and meet friends, encourage social media to lead women and enable businesswomen to obtain support that may not be available elsewhere, improve job opportunities, in addition to ease of finding a workforce for For employers. Maintaining a healthy and good lifestyle, as through these means many measures can be found that help prevent diseases, and these means may also be used to encourage people to each other to practice any measures that improve the quality of human life Exercise, and quit smoking.

  • Improving communication with or getting to know people face to face and on the ground via social media. Identifying criminals, arresting them and resolving criminal cases. Enhancing political life, according to some studies, by encouraging people to vote and vote for them during elections. Developing economic performance by improving customer services and increasing productivity, in addition to those jobs provided by these means, but it has gone beyond that to make social media a major industry in itself.

  •  Encouraging voluntary and charitable work in a way that leads to positive change in societies. Social media enhances the status of elderly people in society, and makes them feel that they are closely and strongly connected to the societies in which they live. Helping shy or lonely people communicate with others and overcome their feelings of isolation and shyness in an effective way. Marketing and promotion of some companies and people for their products and goods.

The negatives of electronic media:

Despite the many positives provided by social media, there are many negatives, including the following:

  •  Posting incorrect and sometimes misleading information, and violating users' privacy. The decline in the level and academic achievement of students, the reduction of communication skills, communication and the establishment of relationships in real social life, and wasting and wasting time, as it is considered an attractive place to spend long times in it. Losing his job, in reaction to some comments or posts that he might make through these means. Reducing the amount of actual communication between people, and even between members of the same family.
  •  Making social media a fertile environment for promoting and committing crimes, or even recruiting new members into some gangs, and exposing the privacy of places or positions sensitive to abuse, such as military sites that may be referred to in some of the stories circulating through these means. The effect of social media on people’s productivity while doing their jobs and work.

  •  Considering these methods a place of bullying that is imposed on some people who are subject to intimidation and bullying. Exploiting many personal photos that are displayed through these means, blackmailing their owners, exposing children to some health and psychological problems, and negatively influencing them because they are not aware of these means and their impact. The emergence of many racist groups that cannot appear in other types of media.

  • Using these methods as one of the methods of cheating in various academic subjects, by publishing pictures of some standardized examinations or other matters that help in cheating, and violating the copyright and ownership rights of many of the contents that are displayed through these means; Such as videos, for example, and the use of social media as a way to infer people's behavior, which may affect their chances of getting a job, for example.