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The pros and cons of audio and print media

Where the media is defined as a set of methods of broad or limited broadcast through which specific content can be delivered to the public, as these methods vary to include the Internet, television, radio, billboards, newspapers and magazines, regular mail, phone and fax, while the content can include education, Or news, ads, advertisements, entertainment content, or even promotional messages.

Audio media:
 Pros of audio media:
  •  The audio media is considered one of the most important means from which information and news can be obtained worldwide, in addition to the distinctive entertainment content provided by these media, and the provision of audio broadcast services is not considered limited to specialized media, and this is due to the many public broadcast services that are provided That, as well as social media sites that may provide people with the ability to create an audio broadcast.
  • There are many advantages that these means provide to the target audience, as for the person listening, the audio media does not require that the person be available and active like some other means, in addition to that the listener can choose what he wants to hear by choosing the frequency that suits him. He is weary of the length of time advertisements through these means and are often short, as well as the advantage of these means that they are usually local, and are considered effective means in relation to their cost, and the audio advertisement through these means does not require many complications, and the production of the audio advertisement is simple to the extent What.

 The cons and the broadcast media:
 As the audio media have many advantages, they are not without some drawbacks, and they did not contain visual effects, and the absence of a paper copy available from the broadcast content, in addition to the possibility of distracting attention and not focusing well on what is broadcast through these means, and that Broadcasting may lose its quality through interference that may affect it, so it may not be possible to control permanent listening through these means, and advertisements that are usually similar in the way they are presented are considered one of the other negatives associated with the broadcast media.

Media read:
Read media positives:
Read media are distinguished by their ability to deliver content in text to the target group, and they constitute a source of material income for their owners, and these media are also distinguished by their ability to adopt any of the different forms of printing and depending on the ability of the publisher, and any type of fonts, images or Even the size of the post without regard for some of the restrictions that some other types of communication may impose; As lack of capacity; Or an inadequate fit of the device; And other restrictions that are present through the media provided by the Internet, in addition to all of these advantages, the read media provides its audience with reliable and controlled information that will choose to print everything that is valuable and useful for the reader, so it is still preserving its position and value as a reference that is done Be guided and refer to it.

 The disadvantages of misread media:
Where the print media needs printing processes, which is itself one of the drawbacks of this type, and this is due to the fact that the printing process is carried out in special presses for media, which makes it difficult to amend it when preparing it, as it is present in the printing presses at that time, Printing machines will continue their work even in the event of any errors in the texts and content of what is being printed, in addition to the fact that printed publication takes a lot of time to be prepared and published, in addition to its costs, which are much higher compared to other means.