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The most important pros and cons of means of communication

The means of communication have become in our day a necessity, which a person cannot live without, as they have made life easier for a person, because they have the ability to connect people with each other from long distances, but with all the advantages of these means, they also have disadvantages. These negatives reside in the method itself, but in the way it is used by the person, so he may use it to benefit from it to the maximum, or he may use it in wrong and negative ways.

Positive means of communication:

Helped speed up the transmission of information:

Whereas, communications technology tools, such as e-mail and text messaging systems, help speed up the process of sending information from inside and outside the organization or destination in question, in addition to facilitating the process of information sharing between large companies, which makes their work more effective.

Communication and interaction:

As modern means of communication allow communication and interaction between all individuals directly, and the technologies provided by modern means such as web cameras allow users to hold face-to-face conversations regardless of their whereabouts around the world, which helped facilitate the process of social and commercial communication and remove the boundaries related to them. This form of communication provides individuals with the ability to notice the effect of conversation and emotions that appear on the other individual, and the spread of these cameras and their increased quality has facilitated the connection of friends and family all over the world together, and on the other hand, these cameras helped companies find experienced and competent employees from Around the world to work with them.

Speed ​​at obtaining information:

Whereas, the means of communication made the process of obtaining any information easier and faster, which made it the first method of press and media, so obtaining information from other countries has become easy and fast.

 Distance learning possibility:

Where education from home from a distance became possible and easy; Thanks to the means of visual and audio communication today, all students have to do is sit behind the computer screen and listen to his teacher explain the lesson, which made the learning process easier for people with special needs and residing in distant countries.

The negatives of modern means of communication:

Despite the importance of modern means of communication, it has many drawbacks, including:

Weak social life:

As the means of communication led to the weakening of communication and social life among people instead of strengthening it, and everyone became busy with his virtual life instead of trying to strengthen his social relations with others.

 Creating the digital divide between individuals:

It means that individuals differ in the degree of their possessing the skills of communication technology, the lack of activity and causing laziness and lethargy in some individuals, and the lazy behaviors of the individual appear when he uses electronic means of communication to speak with other individuals in the same place of his presence.

 Distraction and wasting time:

 As a lot of notifications are sent when dealing with modern means, in addition to receiving a lot of messages and chats with various individuals, which causes distraction for the individual who receives that large number of notifications and messages, and may waste his time, reduce productivity, and thus less benefit from communication means Socialize properly.

Not allowing electronic means without cameras:

In order to truly express feelings and emotion, they usually provide short and immediate conversations, which reduces the clarity of the message that is being conveyed, and thus some of them are interpreted in a way that differs from the true meaning of it, as the intended meaning of the message may be misunderstood.

Having difficulty engaging in normal, non-electronic conversations:

This occurs because of the frequent communication through short and carefully written electronic texts without paying attention to the emotional side, and this makes it difficult for individuals to understand non-verbal signals, due to the lack of face-to-face interaction.

High cost:

As modern technology in general needs high sums of money to a certain extent, so that a person can continue to use it daily.


Because the means of communication brought people closer to each other greatly, it became impossible to maintain secrecy and privacy, which could allow criminals or psychopaths to approach the person and harm him in real life.