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A barcode is a visual model that is represented by adjacent lines of variable width and distances, as well as expressing specific data for a product or purpose. Five parts are the quiet area, the start character, the data characters that contain the optional verification character, the stop character, and another quiet area. Two-dimensional symbols also appeared in it, also called the matrix code, and the information is stored on each of the vertical horizontal axes in shapes such as points, rectangles, etc. It can be read using a mobile phone, and the most popular one is the QR Code, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is its ability to increase the data storage capacity so that it can store more than 7000 individual characters.

Types of barcode:

Where the types of barcodes differ according to the purpose and use, and the most famous of them are:

QR code:

It is a square-shaped two-dimensional barcode, characterized by small squares at the corners, and is characterized by what looks like broken artwork in the middle of it with icons, and it can store a variety of data from website addresses, to personal or business contact information.

 World Standard Book Number:

It consists of 10 digital symbols and then developed to include 13 symbols, and is used to track paper and electronic books worldwide, where the white and black vertical bar codes store the unique identification number assigned to a book published by an official body affiliated with the International Standard Book Global Number Agency.

Universal Product Code:

It consists of 12 numbers represented by vertical black and white lines, which are used to store numbers only, to track products that are sold in online stores and stores, and it was used for the first time in 1974.

How to make a barcode:

Where the barcode represents numbers or letters in lines that can be read by a scanner or by phone, and this code is linked to a product, service or other, and is stored in the database, in addition to that the code is scanned by using a device that can scan the code and a system to interpret the data that They are read from them, as the process of scanning a product in a store gives information about it, such as its name and its price, because the scanner is set to interpret the specified barcode, and is connected to the database of the store's products.

Barcode cons:

 Whereas, although the barcode is useful and effective in tracking various information, it may face some problems that negatively affect its performance, including:

Scanning issues and pricing conflicts:

Where employees may forget to put the discount code for the product during the discounts period, which leads to confusion and delays, and it may sometimes be difficult to scan the barcode, which forces employees to enter it manually, and this process may take additional time, causing delays.

Barcode sticker is damaged:

The scanning process may be delayed if the barcode is printed on a torn part of the box, stained with something, or is illegible due to damage to the label.

 the cost:

The cost of the equipment needed to implement a barcode scanning or printing system is relatively high, and the process of training employees to deal with new equipment may take a long time.

How to read barcodes:

 Photo scan :

As this is done in different stores using the following tools, the barcode scanner device, which can be purchased on the Internet through the Amazon website, and using a computer, where it is connected to the scanner and receives information from it, and the product database can be used, which is to store the barcode of the product in A program such as Excel, by scanning it using a scanner connected to a computer, and by using specialized programs, which use the entered barcode to track products or orders, including the WASP program.

 Apple system:

Where the application of the QR code reader - Barcode Maker is used, which is a free application that can scan and make barcodes and convert them into a QR code, it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, then follow the following steps which are, open the application, and press the large circular barcode icon In the center of the screen to activate the camera, and place the required symbol in front of the camera to extract information from it automatically without the need to take a picture of it.

Android system:

The Barcode Generator application is used, which is a free application that can generate barcodes, which can be downloaded from the application store, then follow the following steps, open the downloaded application on a smartphone or tablet, and press the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the application to open the menu, and press On the scan code to activate the camera, and place the required barcode in the scope of the camera’s view to extract any information in the barcode and display it on the screen. The barcode will also be saved in the application library to facilitate access in the future.

 Use of barcode:

Where the barcode is used in many products to track various information, examples of how it is used include storing a website address or contact information, tracking parcels and envelopes sent by mail, storing inventory in stores, registering membership cards for the store or club, and logging in passengers and luggage. In planes, buses, and trains. Bitcoin storage.

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